"The Legal Culture" № 1(20) 2015

Bases of a State Policy in the Sphere of Development of Legal Literacy and Sense of Justice of Citizens: Theory and Practice of Legal Life

Полнотекстовая версия статьиMatuzov N. I. Politics and Law: Antipodes or Confederates?

Philosophy of Legal Culture. The Theory is Right. State Theory

Полнотекстовая версия статьиFedjunin A. E., Fedjunina S. M., Hazanov N. A. Social-­Cultural and Legal Factors As the Determinants of Interethnic Relations

Полнотекстовая версия статьиFeodorova A. V. Mechanism of Forming of the Legal Culture in Modern Bureaucratic Organizations

Legal Culture of the Law Enforcement

Полнотекстовая версия статьиIvanov A. L. Circumstances Which Exclude Criminal Responsibility: Procedural Aspect of Realization

Legal Culture: Human Rights, Rights of the People. International Cooperation

Полнотекстовая версия статьиSukhareva A. M. Peculiarities of Interaction Between Commissioner for Human Rights and Executive Commission in Russian Federation

Полнотекстовая версия статьиStepanov A. V. Realization of State National Border Policy in Russian Federation: Major Lines and Forms of International Collaboration of Federal Migration Service

Legal Culture and Education

Полнотекстовая версия статьиLokhonova G. M. Formation of Sense of Justice And Legal Education of Students (Regional Aspect)

The Tribune of the Young Scientist

Полнотекстовая версия статьиVolokitina M. V. Legal Culture of the Russian State Policy in the Sphere of Migration (an example of the capital region)

Полнотекстовая версия статьиPetrunina A. A. Principle of Unity of Jurisprudence As a Factor of Legal Culture Development

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBaltykova Z. A. Influence of Temperament on the Effectiveness of Interrogation of Child Witnesses and Victims

State And Society: Interaction Theory And Practice

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBondarenko V. E. Practical Aspects of the Use of Mediation Procedure in Peculiar Categories of Disputes

Provision of Legal Assistance For Free. Advices of Practicing Layer

Полнотекстовая версия статьиChumakova O. V. Role of State Juridical Organizations in Realization Citizens’ Rights of Free Legal Assistance


Полнотекстовая версия статьиIshekov K. A., Mordovets A. S. Review of the Materials of All-Russian Videoconference “State and Law At the Turn of XXITH Century”. (On the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of N. A. Kataev)