«The Legal Culture» № 2(5) 2008

The Philosophy of the Human Rights

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиKomkova G. N. Formation of the Protection of Human Rights System in Russian Federation

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиFedorova T. D. Publicly-legal Axiology in the Context of the Modern Culture of the Society

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиZhyrnov O. N. Forensic Anthropology as a Science, Object and Purposes

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиZhyrnov P. O. The Civil Disobedience as a Phenomenon of the Democratic Legal Culture

Legal Culture, Legal Government and Democratic Development of the Society

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиMatuzov N. I. Legal Idealism as a «Birthmark» of the Russian Social Consciousness

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSokolov A.N., Bocharov V. M. Law – the core of the Constitutional State

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиIvanov D. L. Conceptual Basis of the Formation of the Civil Society: the Problems of the Systematization

Legal Culture and Human Rights

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиKavelina N. Y. The Notion and the Content of the Constitutional Right for the Defense (Constitutional Defense in Substance)

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиMorozov A. P. Historical Peculiarities of the Formation of the Human Rights of Freedom and Security of a Person

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиUkraintseva V. S. Constitutional Right of the Citizens of Russian Federation for the alternative service: the problems of the realization

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиMorozova M. V. Judicial guarantee in the Mechanism of the Realization of the Constitutional Right of a Person for the Favorable Environment

Legal Culture and Law enforcement Practice

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиVarygin A.N., Yashin A. V. Legal Culture and Formation of the Criminal Personality, Encroaching on the Interests of Justice

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBytko S. Y., Kurochka E. V. About Some Disputable Questions of Complicity

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиLukashova N. F. The Place of the Commissioner of the Human Rights of the Subjects of Russian Federation in the System of Government

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиVershinina N. F. Institute of the Commissioner of the Human Rights as an Element of State Mechanism of Raising the Legal Culture

Legal Culture and International Law

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиKhizhnyak V. S. Notional Interests of Russia in the Sphere of protection of Human Rights

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиVodopolova O. N. About the application of the International Maritime Law Principles to the Caspian Sea Marine Environment Protection