"The Legal Culture" № 2(7) 2009

Philosophy of the Legal Culture. Theory of Law

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSinyukova T. V. Legal culture: Concept, Structure, Correlation of National and Panhuman

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBalakleets I. I. Role of Legal Culture in Formation of the Legal Society in Russia

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSorokin V. V. Synthetic Theory of Law: Problem Definition

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиLisyutkin A. B. Role of Legal Rule in Formation of Legal Effect of Error

Legal Culture and Development of Society

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиVoroshilova S. V. Women’s Right to Succession in Russia in the 19th Century Juridically and Ritually

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSubbotina A. V. Role of Land Surveying Normative Acts of Russia in Formation of Legal Culture of Society in the Middle of the 19th Century

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиPleshakov A. P., Shabalin V. A. Backgrounds and Features of Formation of Social State in Russia

Legal Culture of the Law-Making

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиPyatiletov V. V. The Problems of Legal Base of Security Assurance under Conditions of Emergency Situation in the Russian Federation

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиVolkova L. P. On Formation of Competence of Federal Executive Bodies

Legal Culture of the Law Enforcement Practice

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBredneva V. S. Role of Scientific Legal Consciousness in the Law Enforcement Activity

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиNikolaev A. S. Civil Aspects of Registration of Citizens of Russia on Their Garden-Plots

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиGurin A. I. On the New Procedures of Remedy of Official Bodies and Individual Entrepreneurs by the Control Actions

Scientific Message

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBelkin A. E. To the Issue of Limitation of Action for Partition of Co-Property of the Conjoints

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиPodmarev A. A. General conditions for human rights and freedoms restrictions kept by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948

Tribune of the Young Scientist

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиNovikova N. P. Competence of the Russian Federation and its Constituents in Protection of the Morals of Children

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиZyryanov I. A. To an Issue of Development of Political Pluralism in Russia