"The Legal Culture" № 1(6) 2009

Philosophy of the Legal Culture. Philosophy of Right

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиDosyukova T. V. Philosophical Method of Science of Criminal Law: Problem Definition

Legal Culture and Democratic Development of Society

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSinyukov V. N. Legal education and Legal Culture

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSokolov A. N. «Social Legal State» of Fascist System (Distortion of Law and Putrefaction of Legality of The German Law-Enforcement Agencies and Courts in 1933-1945)

Legal Culture and Human Rights

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиMorozov A. P. Right to Qualified Legal Assistance in The Decisions of The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиUkraintseva V. S. Reason of The According a Right to The Substitution of The Conscription by Alternative Civilian Service to The Citizens of The Russian Federation

Legal Culture of the Law-Making

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиGur’yanov R. V. The Theory of Cognitive Dissonance and The Legal Methodology of Russian Rule-Making in Approximation to The Computer Intellectual Property

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBasetskiy I. I., Rodevich L. I. Development of Legislation of The Republic of Belarus about Participant of The Criminal Process

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBytko S. Yu., Kurochka E. V. Issues of The Legal Culture in The Criminal Legislation of Russia

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиPanova Yu. A. Competition and Conflicts of The Rules of The Criminal Legislation

Legal Culture of the Law Enforcement Practice

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиFayrstoun T. Consideration in The Trial Jury of Multi-Episodic Criminal Cases in Point of Several Defendants

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиEgorov V. A. Information Culture in The Law Enforcement

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиYashin A. V. The Role of the Individual Legal Conscience in the Formation of the Mechanism of Post-Criminal Behavior

Scientific Messages

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиKuznetsov A. G. Social and Cultural Dynamics (to 120th Anniversary of P.A. Sorokin)

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиRodina Yu. A. Liberty and Right

Online Seminar «Legal Culture and Public Security: Legal, Philosophic and Social-Political Aspects»

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSokolov A. N., Bakleets I. I. Some Aspects of The Experience of Foreign National State Security Law Enforcement (The legal culture as a condition of public security)

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиIvanov D. L. Institutionalization of the Civil Society: as a Factor of The Public Security and Raising of the Level of Legal Culture

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBytko S. Yu. Elements of Objective Imputation in Components of Crimes against the Public Security

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиOsina O. N. Teenage Narcotism as a Threat to National Security of the State

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиPerepelkin G. E. Youth Extremism as a Treat to Public Security