"The Legal Culture" № 1(24) 2016

Bases of a State Policy in the Sphere of Development of Legal Literacy and Sense of Justice of Citizens: Theory and Practice of Legal Life

Полнотекстовая версия статьиSuleimanov B. B. National­-Cultural Autonomy as a Form of Self­-Determination

Полнотекстовая версия статьиVishnevskiy V. G. The Images of Law in the Russian Painting of XVIII–XIX Centuries and Legal Culture

Philosophy of Legal Culture. The Theory is Right. State Theory

Полнотекстовая версия статьиMatuzov N. I. The Duties of Man and Citizen as a Condition of Democracy and Social Stability

Полнотекстовая версия статьиDenisenko V. V. The Legitimacy of Legal Norms in the Western and Eastern Legal Cultures

Legal Сulture of Right Creativity

Полнотекстовая версия статьиFediunin A. E., Kopylov A. V. The Moral Foundations of Lawmaking

Полнотекстовая версия статьиMarkelova K. A. New Rules for Issuing a Power of Attorney in the Conditions of the Civil Legislation Reforming

Legal Culture of the Law Enforcement

Полнотекстовая версия статьиAnichkin E. S., Kovalenko E. Yu. The Introduction of Alternative Forms of Protection of the Rights of Participants of the Economic Turnover as a Factor of Increase of the Level of Legal Culture

Полнотекстовая версия статьиSergun E. P. On Expediency of Criminalization of Abuse of the Right of Legislative Initiative (Article 278.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

Полнотекстовая версия статьиStorozhenko K. O. The Principles of Ensuring the Personal Safety and the Issues of Formation of the Legal Culture of Employees of the Road Patrol Service of the State Inspection of Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Полнотекстовая версия статьиKrajneva O. L., Bogorubova T. A. The Question of Increasing the Level of Legal Culture in the Field of Disciplinary Responsibility of the Commercial Employees

Полнотекстовая версия статьиShcherbakova L. G. On the Issue of the Culture of Presentation of Judicial Acts in Civil and Arbitration Processes

Полнотекстовая версия статьиShishkin S. S., Poskochinova O. G. The Legal Culture of Officials as an Agent of Reduction of the Tax Risks in the Activities of a Legal Entity

Полнотекстовая версия статьиAlioshina T. E. The Notary Process in the Framework of the Protective Function of the Law Implementation

Legal Culture: Human Rights, Rights of the People. International Cooperation

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBorsuchenko S. A. The Control Powers of the Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation on Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights in the Penitentiary Sphere

Полнотекстовая версия статьиSaenko L. V. The Traditional Cultural and Legal Values and Modern Approaches to the Regulation of the Marriage and Family Relations

Полнотекстовая версия статьиRep'ev A. G. The Legal Immunity of the State: a Warning Against Attempts at Distortion and Substitution of the Fundamental Principle of International Law (Part 1)

The Tribune of the Young Scientist

Полнотекстовая версия статьиTonija I. T. Criminal Liability for Abuse of Power By Persons Performing Managerial Functions in Commercial and Other Organizations in the Criminal Legislation of Foreign Countries

Полнотекстовая версия статьиKornienko A. M. The Problem of the Competition of Natural Rights in the Natural Law Doctrine By Jacques Maritain

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBondarenko T. A. Terminology in the Cassation as an Element of Legal Culture

State and Society: Interaction Theory and Practice

Полнотекстовая версия статьиKravchenko V. V., Rymar O. N. On the Condition of the State Geodetic Network of the Geodetic Networks of Special Purposes on the Territory of the Saratov Region

Provision of Legal Assistance for Free. Advices of Practicing Lawyer

Полнотекстовая версия статьиChumakova O. V. Qualified Legal Assistance as a Guarantee of the Human Rights’ Protection By the State