"The Legal Culture" № 2(37) 2019

Bases of a State Policy in the Sphere of Development of Legal Literacy and Sense of Justice of Citizens: Theory and Practice of Legal Life

The full text version of the articleFomin A. A. Legal Responsibility of State Bodies and Officials as a Guarantee of Constitutional Safety

The full text version of the articleTsybulevskaya O. I., Yanovich E. Yu. Gaps in Law: Historical and Cultural Analysis

Philosophy of Legal Culture. The Theory is Right. State Theory

The full text version of the articleSelikhov N. V. Sovereignty of the People as the Right of Collective Entities (Conception View). Chapter II

The full text version of the articleSkorobogatov A. V. Valuable Determination of Legal Discourse

The full text version of the articleSukhova N. I. Counteraction to Realization of Law as the Part of Legal Culture: pro et contra

Legal Сulture of Right Creativity

The full text version of the articleTrofimov V. V., Samorodov V. Yu. Culture of Organization of Law-Making Process as the Premise for Effectiveness of Law-Making Results and Orderliness of the Legal Life of Society

Legal Culture of the Law Enforcement

The full text version of the articleKazachkova Z. M. Role of Non-Profit Organizations in Realization of Anti-Corruption Policy and Development of Legal Culture

The full text version of the articleFomenko E. V. Legal Analysis of the Subjective Side Features of Bribery Crimes’ Corpus Delicti in the Context of Necessity of Correct Qualification of the Most Dangerous Corruption Crimes

Legal Culture: Human Rights, Rights of the People. International Cooperation

The full text version of the articleAnichkin E. S., Serebryakov A. A. Legal Regulation of Technology parks in Selected Countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: the experience of Russia, China, India and Kazakhstan

Legal Culture and Education

The full text version of the articleRozhdestvina A. A., Gurjev V. V. Concerning Some Aspects of Teaching a Meditative Approach

The Tribune of the Young Scientist

The full text version of the articleBarmashov V. I. The Use of Scientific and Technical Products in the Production Sector of the Criminal Executive System in the Aspect of Legal Culture

State and Society: Interaction Theory and Practice

The full text version of the articleBabenko S. V. Legal Culture of Prosecutor’s Supervision over Legislative Execution Regulating Order of Appeal of Judgments and Decisions, and Action (Inaction) of Customs’ Authorities and Their Officials

Provision of Legal Assistance for Free. Advices of Practicing Lawyer

The full text version of the articleKostenko Е. N. Analysis of Typical Violations as the Main Element of the Methodology for Conducting Prosecution Checks on the Law Enforcement among Bodies and Institutions of the System of Prevention and Neglect of Juvenile Delinquency


The full text version of the articleMal’ko A. V., Zelepukin A. A., Aleksandrova Ju. A. Review of the All­Russian Panel Discussion of the Journals “State and Law”, “Legal Policy and Legal Life”, “Legal Culture” on the Topic “Legal Policy of Modern Russia in the Field of Improving Legal and Political Culture”