"The Legal Culture" № 2(11) 2011

Bases of a State Policy in the Sphere of Development of Legal Literacy and Sense of Justice of Citizens: Theory and Practice of Legal Life

pdfBondarev A. S. Bases of a State Policy in the Sphere of Development of Legal Literacy and Sense of Justice of Citizens: Look of the Lawyer

pdfPleshakov A. P. Legal Consciousness and Formation of the Russian Social State

Philosophy of Legal Culture. The Theory is Right. State Theory

pdfFedorova T. D. Humanism and Legal Values in Modern Culture

pdfLisyutkin A. B. Evolution of a Legal Language in the Conditions of Globalization

pdfMarkova-Murashova S. A. About Methodology of Comparison of the Legal Phenomens

pdfPodgornaya Yu. A., Kuzmina E. M. Law Enforcement: Modern Approaches and Actual Problems of Methodology

pdfRozhdestvina A. A.Рождествина А. А. The Juridiko-Linguistic Vagueness in Norms of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

pdfVinogradov V. A. Russian Federation as Constitutional State

pdfFastova M. A. Ratio of the Concepts «Mediation» and «Mediatsiya»: Theorie-Legal Aspect

pdfValko O. Yu. Institute of Marriage and Legal Culture of the Modern Society: Theoretical Legal Aspects of Interaction

Legal Culture and National Security

pdfBalandina N. V. Public Order and Public Safety – a Zone of Responsibility of the State Before Society

pdfBiryukova Yu. N. Language Security and Language Policy in the Modern Russian Context

pdfUvarova I. A. Measures to Implement the Strategy of State Drug Policy

pdfBogorubova T. A., Pimenova E. N. Social-Legal Protection and Support of Families in Russia: Modern Problems and Ways of Their Decision

Legal Culture, Power, Policy

pdfPetrov M. P. Value Functions of the Organization of Government in the Implementation of Systemic Reform of Executive Power

pdfZyryanov V. N., Volkov A. A., Volkov S. A. Formation of Professional Law Consciousness of Bailiff

pdfSergun P. P. Principles of Formal Evaluation Procedures in Law Enforcement Bodies of the Russian Federation

pdfFomichenko M. P. Constituent Power: Concept, Versions

pdfSergun E. P. On the Issue of the Ration Between Extremism and Legal Nihilism

pdfRepev A. G. Legal Culture – the Integral Element Rights to Immunity of the Official of the State

pdfSenyakin N. N., Senyakina L. A. Legal Culture of the Judge as a Basis of Trust of the Population to Bodies of Justice

pdfShcherbakova L. G. Moral Bases of Co-Operation of Advocate with Other Participants of Legal Relationships

Legal Culture of the Law Enforcement

pdfZinchenko A. I., Zinchenko E. A. Some Aspects of Legal Culture of Judges are in Civil Procedure

pdfFilippov S. A. On the Question about Legal Culture in the Court Definition of the Accessory and the Third Party Status Holding in Abeyance Independent Requirements Concerning Dispute Subject

pdfFedyunin A. E., Peretyatko N. M. Implementation of Principles of Justice in the Modern Criminal Procedure: Issues of Scientific and Technical Support

pdfDorogin V. G., Dorogin R. V. Some Questions of Culture of the Address of Citizens of the Russian Federation with the Weapon and Realization By Law-Enforcement Bodies of New Provisions of the Legislation on a Turn of the Civil And Office Weapon

pdfRossinsky B. W. Procedural Form as Mechanism of Implementation of Constitutional Rules of Law

pdfKupriyanova N. A. Legal Culture in Bank Activity

pdfSmirnikova J. L. Financially-legal Means of Maintenance of Interests of the Insured Persons – Subjects of Obligatory Pension Insurance

pdfSelenskiy P. A. Self-Regulating Business: Panacea or Loss of the State of Its Public Functions?

pdfLapupina N. N. Some Questions of Kvalification Crimes Against Freedom

pdfMagomedov G. B. Characterization of the Convicted Person to Serve Periods of Imprisonment and its Effect on the Implementation of Punishment as a Sentence of Detention

pdfGuschin V. V. On the Item about the Law Nature of the Public Contract

pdfBikkinin I. A., Bikkinin E. I., Zyryanov V. N. The Basic Directions of Perfection of the Working out of Programs of a Migratory Policy at Regional Level as Means of Preventive Maintenance of a Narcotism

Legal Culture and Human Rights

pdfMordovets A. S. Care and Respect as the Form of Display of Legal Culture of Human Rights

pdfGrachev A. A. Respect as Principle of the Organization and Activity of Office of Public Prosecutor

Legal Culture and Education

pdfTyunyaeva D. B. Traditions of Drawing Up of Business Letters (on an Example of Letters of M. V. Lomonosov)

pdfMatuzov N. I. Saratov School of Theorists of the State and Right

pdfMorozov A. V., Filatova L. V., Aslanov R. M. Distance Education Technology in the Activities of Branches of the Russian Legal Academy of the Russian Ministry of Justice for Training and Retraining of Specialists of Territorial Bodies of the Ministry of Justice and Municipal Employees

pdfVasilyeva O. S. Some Aspects of Written and Oral Speech Culture of the Lawyer

pdfMichel D. E. Mediatsiya as Way of Increase of Legal Culture

pdfNagovitsyn S. G. Model of designing individual educational routes in legal high school