"The Legal Culture" № 3(22) 2015

Bases of a State Policy in the Sphere of Development of Legal Literacy and Sense of Justice of Citizens: Theory and Practice of Legal Life

Полнотекстовая версия статьиAkimova N. V. Russian Legal System and Islamic Law: Aspects of Correlation

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBorsuchenko S. A. Right of a Convict in Freedom of Worship and Conscience

Полнотекстовая версия статьиCherkasov K. V., Zakharevich D. A. Culture of Power Openness as the Mean of Perfection of State Administration in Modern Russia

Philosophy of Legal Culture. The Theory is Right. State Theory

Полнотекстовая версия статьиArsanukaevа M. S., Bittirova T. Sh. Attorneys at Law among Caucasians and their Role in the Development of North Caucasian People Legal Culture (the latter half of XIX – the early XX centuries)

Полнотекстовая версия статьиSkorobogatov A. V., Krasnov A. V. Legal Reality in Russia Through Post-Classical Paradigm

Полнотекстовая версия статьиFomichenko M. P. Constitutional and Legal Issues of Provision Henotic Mission of the Russian Nation

Полнотекстовая версия статьиChechin V. A. Dogmatic Grounds of Development of the Public Prosecutor’s Department in the Russian Federation

Legal Сulture of Right Creativity

Полнотекстовая версия статьиSaenko L. V. Legislative Control of the Family Rights of the Child in Post-Soviet Space: Cultural and Legal Traditions

Полнотекстовая версия статьиSergun E. P. Criminal Liability for Financing of Extremist Activity According to the Russian Criminal Law

Legal Culture of the Law Enforcement

Полнотекстовая версия статьиFilippov S. A., Shherbakova L. G. Procedural Culture of Composing Legal Papers By Lawyers within Civil Proceedings

Полнотекстовая версия статьи Role of the Normative Legal Regulation of Work-Rest Cycle and Safeguarding for the Employees of the Road Patrol Service of the State Inspectorate For Traffic Security of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Полнотекстовая версия статьиZyrjanov V. N. Some Problematic Issues of Conditional Sentencing of the Minors

Legal Culture: Human Rights, Rights of the People. International Cooperation

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBarsukova V. N. Legal Culture Within State Machine as Precondition of Human Honor and Dignity Respect

Полнотекстовая версия статьиDzhamalova B. B. Problematic Issues of the Thin Nations’ Right On Ethno-Cultural Schools

Legal Culture and Education

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBeher V. V. Concerning Peculiarities of Financial Legal Regulation of the State Scientific Institutions Activity

The Tribune of the Young Scientist

Полнотекстовая версия статьиSemenihina A. Ju. Staged Introduction of Administrative Courts in Russia

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBalashov S. M. Criminal Legal Evaluation of the Victims’ of Criminal Hypnosis State

Полнотекстовая версия статьиVoronova O. S. Issue of Origin of Victimhood of the Lawyers

Полнотекстовая версия статьиPoddubnaja D. A. Peculiarities of the Legal Essence of Contract of Professional Responsibility Insurance and Contract of Business Risk Insurance

State and Society: Interaction Theory and Practice

Полнотекстовая версия статьи Valuation Activities in the Russian Federation: Issues and Perspectives of Evolution

Provision of Legal Assistance for Free. Advices of Practicing Lawyer

Полнотекстовая версия статьиAbdulaev A. H. Problems of Law-enforcement of Queer Deals Standards According to the Sign of Unequal Counter Execution of Obligation


Полнотекстовая версия статьиBazhanov S. V. Review: Combating Criminal Markets in Russia : monograph / P. V. Agapov, L. I. Aleksandrova, K. I. Amirbekov, etc.; under the editorship of V. V. Merkuriev. – M. : Prospect, 2015. – 312 p.