«The Legal Culture» № 1(4) 2008

Philosophy of the Legal Culture

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиOsina O.N. The Legal Phenomenon and the Cultural Science Aspects of Globalization

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиKrasheninnikov K.A., Fedyay D.S. The Subcultural Features of Justice Perception and Understanding in the Modern Russian Society

The Legal Culture and the Democratic Development of the Society

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSokolov A.N., Balakleets I.I. «Legal Culture» of the Fascist Formations (Germany 1933-1945 yy.)

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиRybak M.S., Yu. I. Kravtchenko Capital Punishment in Russia. The Legal Aspects

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиArtamonov D.S., Ukrainsky V.N. The Capital Punishment Problem in the Ancient World's History of Legal Thought

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSorokin V.V. Of the Pluralistic Approach to the Law Conception: the Subjective Notes

The Legal Culture, Authority and State Formation

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиLeonova N.I. The Legal Culture and the Legal history of Citizens Constitutional Right for the Applicotion to the State Authority Bodies

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиDorogin R.V. The Problems and Prospects of the formation of Russion Judicial system

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиCherkasov K.V. The Federal Circuits in Russia's State System

The Legal Culture of Lawmaking

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиKolesnikova T.V. The Criminally-legal Regulation and Investigation of Extortion

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиGromov V.G. Collisions in the criminal legislation's application of the Russian Federation Supreme Court's Plenum Regulation of January, 11th 2007 № 2 «About the Criminal Punishment Sentencing by the Russian Federation Courts»

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиGrevnova I.A. The Criminally-Legal Principle of Guilt: The Lawmaking and the Law-Enforcement Practice

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиYurjeva Yu.S. The Licensing Law Arrangement as the Russian Legal Culture and the Legal Technics development Factor

The Legal Culture of the Law-Enforcement Practice

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиMilshina I.V. The Legal Culture of Customs Legal Relationships Subjects

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиGavrilov V.N. Ligator‘s Will Declaration in executing of Some Notarial Actions

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиGourjyanov K.V. Information: its interrelation with law-making and law-enforcement

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиFedyunin A.E. Human and Citizen‘s Rights and Freedom in the execution of Respect of Investigation With the Usage of Technical Facilities

A Young Scientist's Tribune

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиTkachenko A.K. The Legal Culture of the Field Investigation