"The Legal Culture" № 2(29) 2017

Bases of a State Policy in the Sphere of Development of Legal Literacy and Sense of Justice of Citizens: Theory and Practice of Legal Life

Полнотекстовая версия статьиMarchenko D. Je. Legal Nihilism as a Threat to the National Security of Russia

Полнотекстовая версия статьиMihajlov A. E. Morality in the Legislation of Modern Russia: Some Problems of Correlation, Trends and Prospects

Philosophy of Legal Culture. The Theory is Right. State Theory

Полнотекстовая версия статьиApol'skij E. A. Theoretical Evaluation of the Pre-revolutionare Doctrines on the Signs and the System of Law Within the Context of Development of Legal Culture of a Lawyer

Полнотекстовая версия статьиGrachev V. D., Magomedov B. M. The Logic As Part of the Professional culture of a Lawyer: the Operational Capabilities and Epistemological Limitations

Полнотекстовая версия статьиRozenko S. V. The Development of the Extremist Ideology in the Russian Federation: Aspects of the Response and the Blameworthiness

Legal Сulture of Right Creativity

Полнотекстовая версия статьиSoldatov B. G., Soldatova N. V. Professional Communication in the Context of Legal Culture: Terminological Regulation of the Law Lexicon

Полнотекстовая версия статьиGrushin F. V. Legal Factors in the Formation of Criminal-Executive Policy and Legislation

Полнотекстовая версия статьиKaravaev A. N. Problems of Improvement of the Institution of Promotion in Public Service Relations: Prospects for Development

Legal Culture of the Law Enforcement

Полнотекстовая версия статьиTerehov E. M. Mutual Influence of the Law Interpretative and Law Enforcement Activities in Terms of Development of the Legal Culture of Modern Society

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBondarenko V. E. The Competence of State Сourts in Implementing the Functions of Arbitration Assistance

Полнотекстовая версия статьиGrishin A. I. The Legal Culture of the Receiving Computer Information in Criminal Proceedings and Operative Investigative Activities

Полнотекстовая версия статьиShcherbakova L. G., Semikina S. A. Legal Culture As One of Conditions of Increasement of Efficiency of Acts of Arbitration Courts

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBobrov A. M. Public Administration Models of Election of Heads of Municipal Entities (on the Example of the Perm Krai)

Legal Culture and Education

Полнотекстовая версия статьиChuprjakova T. V. Professional Legal Culture of a Lawyer in the Context of the Federal State Educational Standard

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBogdanova E. P. Political and Legal Ideas of A. F. Deryabin in the Field of Development of Mining Education and Formation of Legal Culture in Russia in the Early XIX Century

The Tribune of the Young Scientist

Полнотекстовая версия статьиRahmatullina L. Je. The Influence of Legal Culture on the Legal Nature and Application of the Contract of Insurance of Risks Under the Credit Agreement

Полнотекстовая версия статьиOsipov D. A. To the Question of the Legal Status of a Representative of the Highest Official Person of the Russian Federation Subject in a Municipal Entity

Полнотекстовая версия статьиPushkareva A. N. Medical Confidentiality As a Form of Civil Legal Secrecy in the Legislation of the Russian Federation: Current Status, Protection and Trends of Legal Regulation in the Light of Increasement of the Level of Legal Culture in Citizens

Полнотекстовая версия статьиLytkina O. V. Ensuring a Balance of Private and Public Interests By Means of Arbitration Courts of the Russian Federation As a Factor of Increasing of Foreign Economic Activity Subjects’ Legal Culture

Полнотекстовая версия статьиShatilov A. V. Unification of Definitions of “Organized Crime” in the Context of Enhancement of the Legal Culture

Полнотекстовая версия статьиVasil'ev D. P. Determining of the Civil Cases’ Jurisdiction Differentiation Criteria As the Legal Culture Increasing Factor

State and Society: Interaction Theory and Practice

Полнотекстовая версия статьиKoloskova V. V. Peculiar Features of the State Registration of the Foreign Citizens’ Rights on Real Estate


Полнотекстовая версия статьиSaenko L. V. On the Outcome of the Interdepartmental Scientific-practical Conference “Legal Education and the Development of Legal Literacy in the Territory of the Saratov Region: Problems of Legal Aid Rendering” (Saratov, December 6, 2016)