"The Legal Culture" № 2(21) 2015

Bases of a State Policy in the Sphere of Development of Legal Literacy and Sense of Justice of Citizens: Theory and Practice of Legal Life

Полнотекстовая версия статьиVojnikanis E. A. Role and Meaning of Legal Culture in Research of Law Paradigms

Полнотекстовая версия статьиMyshkin A. A. Forming Informational Space in Russia as the Means of Citizens’ Legal Education and Legal Consciousness Development

Философия правовой культуры. Теория права. Теория государства

Полнотекстовая версия статьиPleshakov Alexandr Petrovich, Shapovalov Aleksej Aleksandrovich, Gradonyan Karapet Andranikovich Influence of Civil Society Legal Culture on the Development of Social and Legal Statehood and the System of the Russian Law

Полнотекстовая версия статьиTorbin Ju. G. Formation and Development of the Theory of Tracks in Criminalistics and Criminal-Procedural Aspect: Historical Aspect

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBezrukov A. V. Legal Culture and Social and Law Meaning of the Legal Order (Constitutional and Law View)

Legal Culture of the Law Enforcement

Полнотекстовая версия статьиSavinov A. V. Legal Relationship, Arising in Circumstances, Excluding Criminality Within Criminally-Law Regulation

Полнотекстовая версия статьиBobrov A. M., Nazarec A. A. Intradepartmental Administrative and Legal Relations between Federal Ministries, Services, and Agencies as the Element of Legal Culture

Legal Culture: Human Rights, Rights of the People. International Cooperation

Полнотекстовая версия статьиMaksimov A. A. Constitutional and Legal Support of Cultural Rights and Freedoms: Theory and Practice of Gender Equality

Полнотекстовая версия статьиRubanova M. E. Constitutional Right in the Cultural Sphere: Dynamics of Legal Regulation

Полнотекстовая версия статьиDemidova-Petrova E. V. International Legal Regulation in the Sphere of Children Rights Defense as the Mean of Opposition to Juvenile Delinquency

Полнотекстовая версия статьиShishkin S. S. Application of the Rules of Law, Which Regulate Representation of a Legal Entity in Criminal Court

Legal Culture and Education

Полнотекстовая версия статьиDolgov V. V. Social-Economic and Legal Status of a University Lecturer: Concerning the Case History

The Tribune of the Young Scientist

Полнотекстовая версия статьиGusenko Nikita Sergeevich Legislative Control of the Process of Forming of Society Culture By Means of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

Полнотекстовая версия статьиGrigor’ev R. D. Concerning Legal Awareness and Comprehension of the State in Doctrine of Law by Iljin I. A.

State and Society: Interaction Theory and Practice

Полнотекстовая версия статьиAgafonova S. Sh., Abajdullina N. R. Arrest of Immovable Property: Order of Attachment and Release From

Provision of Legal Assistance for Free. Advices of Practicing Lawyer

Полнотекстовая версия статьиGorskaja E. Ju. Right To Be A Citizen In The Aspect Of Legal Culture Realization