"The Legal Culture" № 2(15) 2013

Bases of a State Policy in the Sphere of Development of Legal Literacy and Sense of Justice of Citizens: Theory and Practice of Legal Life

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBondarev A. S. Legal Culture as an Aim of Legal Self-Education

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиZryachkin A. N. Improving of Legal and Political Culture of Civil Servants as a Condition for Overcoming the Institutional Legal Nihilism

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиPavlenko E. M. Culture of Human Rights and Legal culture: Problem of Correlation

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиGavrilova Yu. A. Sense of Law in the Common Cultural Context

Философия правовой культуры. Теория права. Теория государства

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиAkhmetova D. I., Gradonjan K. A. Political System and Civil Society in Modern Russia

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиIvanov S. S. Religious Extremism: Historical and Law Aspects

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSergun E. P. Separatism as a Potential Corpus Delicti in the Russian Criminal Law

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиGabdualiev M. T. Questions of Referendum Legal Control in Legal Positions of Constitutional Board of the Republic of Kazakhstan and of Constitutional Court in Russian Federation: Comparative Analysis

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиZinin A. M., Rossinskiy S. B. Special Features of Verbal Method of Cognition in Criminal Justice Process

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиNagikh S. I. Basic Assumptions of Circumscription Theory of Origin of State by R. L. Carneiro

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиZyryanov V. N., Dolgopolov K. A. Legal Comparative Analisis of Awarding Punishment to the Juveniles in Foreign Legislation

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBerdnikova E. V., Rabeea A. I. Actual Problems of Formation and Development of Agencies of the Constitutional Control in the Republic of Iraq

Legal Culture of the Law Enforcement

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиAstapova T. Yu. The Role of a Bailiff in the Process of Confiscation of Counterfeit Products from Civil Circulation in Russian Federation and France

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиShcherbakova L. G. Responsibility as a Part of Arbitration Manager Legal Culture

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиUvarova I. A. Hiding-Places as a Method of Concealment of Drug-Related Crimes and their Significance in the Law Enforcement Practice

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиShlyapnikova O. V., Dudkina E. I. Criminological Image of a Leader of Organized Criminal Group

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиReshetnikov V. Ya., Semenov V. V. Human Rights in the Aspect of Using Polygraph in Preliminary Investigation

Legal Сulture of Right Creativity

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиVulakh M. G. State Policy in the Sphere of Physical Culture and Sports in Foreign Countries and Russia: Historical Aspect

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSolovyh S. N. Legal Aspects of Major Overhaul of the Common Property in Apartment Houses

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиMagomedov G. B. Legal Framework of Departure from the Category of the Committed Crime

Legal Culture: Human Rights, Rights of the People. International Cooperation

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBogorubova T. A., Lazareva E. V. Protection of Citizens' Labor Rights as the Basis of Legal Culture: The Constitutional Aspect

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSaenko L. V. On the Influence of Culture on the Legal Regulation of Family Relations

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиBorsuchenko S. A. Local Ombudsmen' Enforcement Powers in Assuring Rights of the Convicts

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиGagarin Yu. V. Formation of Prison Stuff's Preparedness to Work with Convicts

Правовая культура и образование

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиRazgeldeev N. T. Foundation of the Development of Educational Legal Relations in Russian Federation

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиPhilippov S. A. Students' Legal Culture in Rendering Legal Assistance to the People

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиDenisova A. V. The System Approach in Science: Notion, Meaning, Possibilities of Use in Jurisprudence

Трибуна молодых ученых

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиRodina Yu. A. The Concept of the Sense of Justice in the Context of Spiritual Paradigm of Russian Philosophy

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиRomanenko N. V. Legal Culture of the authorities as an element of their status

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиYegorushkin I. N. Legal Culture and Anti-terrorism Safety of Transport Facilities

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиFadeeva V. A. Role of a Business Ombudsman in the Development of Legal Culture of Interaction Between Government and Business Entities

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиVlasenko I. V. Object of Judicial Activity in Action Proceedings

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиPilipenko Yu. A. Question of correlation between the form and the content of judicial summons and notifications

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиGrishina M. A. Essence and Meaning of the Principle of Regularity of Elections in the Russian Federation

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиMagomedov G. B. Liberation from Criminal Responsibility According to the Category of the Crime

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиSaltanov D. A. Legal Problems of Current Migration and Immigration Priorities in the Russian Federation

Полнотекстовый вариант статьиKalashnikova A. G. Transnational Corporations: What are they?